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Our vision is to be the champion for the transportation industry by putting our values and commitments into action every day. This means being an advocate for our customers, standing up for their needs and providing more than bottom-line solutions.

We are veteran own logistics company base out of Savannah GA. Our commitment to customers is guided by our commitment to integrity. We work hard and do the right thing – in every interaction, every day.

We Sale Only High Quality American Made Enclosed Trailers.

Our high performance, durability and a long service life — all at a price that a customer can afford. We utilize an advanced design, top-of-the-line components, plus with our exceptional fit-and-finish, coupled with the best all-tube steel frame on the market.

We may not always be the “cheapest” trailer on the market; but our trailers are the “F350” of cargo trailers, and they built to last.

TowCorps Trailer Network

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EggieX Logistics & Trailers is not only a local trailer dealer, but we are also a national online dealer. We have a partnership under the Tow Corp Trailers National Dealer Network (a licensed and registered dealer in the State of Georgia since 2003). When working with a national dealer that is a licensed and registered dealer is important for successfully getting your utility trailers registered, titled, and insured in your state.

Hours Of Operations:

M-F: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. & Sat: 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Trailer Dealership Location:

2698 Glynn Avenue, Brunswick, GA 31525

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Ext. 1 for Trailer Sales

Ext. 2 for Trailer Delivery